Never Had to Ship Your Car across the Country? Read Here for Some Tips

Never Had to Ship Your Car across the Country? Read Here for Some Tips

When shipping a car cross-country, finding the most cost-effective method will be important. To do so, get instant quotes from reputable auto transport companies and compare their prices – but also, read the following information compiled for your convenience.


Insurance coverage should always be an important consideration when hiring professionals to ship your car across the country. While certain auto transporters offer additional auto transport insurance that covers its value during transit, others include it in their quoted prices; in either case it’s important that you check its terms and conditions thoroughly as some companies may exclude coverage for certain damages, such as those caused by weather or debris during transport.

While verifying insurance coverage may be integral to moving your vehicle across state lines or otherwise (source:, conducting further research and reading online reviews of potential carriers will help ensure you select a dependable shipping service provider. Be sure that they’re also licensed, insured, and reputable with local government authorities and professional organizations they belong to before signing any contracts or giving your car away!

Once you’ve located a reliable shipping company, book your shipment early to guarantee there’s space on their truck and secure a lower price. Don’t forget to include details such as pick-up/drop off locations/timeframe/type of transport before your driver arrives; any personal belongings should also be removed prior to this happening – although you may be able to fit some small items in your trunk for transporting, most companies require you to remove everything before collecting the car from you for transporting purposes.


Location can also play an integral part in how long it takes a company to ship your vehicle. For optimal results, select a metropolitan area for both pickup and delivery to reduce fuel waste from multiple stops by the driver. On the other hand, rural and off-road routes may take longer due to extra time and effort required when traversing them.

On the day of pickup, it is essential that you meet with your driver at an agreed upon time to remove personal belongings and inspect it for preexisting damage. Some carriers will request keeping the gas tank lower to reduce weight; additionally, any necessary documentation to verify ownership should be presented at this point.

Note that no auto transport company can guarantee an exact pickup and delivery date due to all the variables involved with car transportation such as weather, road construction and carrier schedules – at least according to this site. Therefore, it’s advisable to plan ahead and book your shipment well in advance so as to give yourself enough time to prepare your vehicle for shipping as well as potentially avoid any potential shipping delays.



Bringing your vehicle across the country can be an efficient and effective option, with deliveries usually happening between one to nine business days after booking the service. Keep in mind, however, that cost varies based on various factors including distance; which could range anywhere between 500 miles and 2,500 miles; weather, road conditions and time of year as factors.

Also, you should always obtain an auto transport company quote; to do this you will need to provide details such as vehicle specifications, preferred carrier and pickup/delivery locations as well as desired shipping time frame and optimal shipping period details. Most reputable companies who will perform a cross country car ship include basic insurance coverage in their rates. However, it is a good idea to confirm its terms and coverage limits before signing any contracts or making decisions based on these estimates.

Selecting the ideal shipping company can save money, with many providing free quotes. An online tool such as uShip makes comparing quotes easy – instantaneous quotes provide instantaneous price breakdown for each option available to you – but be mindful that uShip does not function directly; rather it acts as an online marketplace connecting customers directly to independent carriers who may provide offers with differing quality levels than what may be found with traditional providers.


Transporting your vehicle across the country may seem like an enormous task at first, but top auto transport companies have found an efficient and cost-effective solution: compare car shipping quotes from multiple companies before making your decision. Research any prospective companies by researching them further before committing – verify their USDOT number and read online reviews as part of this research process – before selecting one to ship with.

Reliability in auto shipping depends on a number of factors, including customer service, industry reputation, pricing transparency and years of experience. It’s crucial that you investigate their insurance coverage as well as supplemental policies provided to make sure it offers adequate protection – in addition to being ready to present documents related to your car during pickup/delivery.

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An ideal auto shipping company should boast extensive experience and an outstanding track record for reliable deliveries, be licensed and insured for interstate transport to ensure the protection of your vehicle in case of damage, provide physical address information as well as have both phone number and website where customers can check status updates of shipments, among other requirements.


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