5 New Cartoon Characters With Braces in 2024


How peaceful and cheerful life was when you spent all of your time watching cartoons! Have you laughed loudly while watching cartoon characters with braces? If yes, then continue reading this post to freshen up your knowledge about new characters with braces in 2024.

However, these cartoon characters are not frequently seen on TV, but whenever they come on the screen, they bring a huge smile to the audience’s faces. So, let’s get started without wasting more time.

Top 5 Cartoon Characters With Braces

Let’s dive into the cartoon characters that have braces:

1) Chuckie Finster

Chuckie Finster

Who is Chuckie Finster? He is an amazing cartoon character with a Braces show on Nickelodeon. He is from Rugrats and is a friend of Tommy Pickle. What makes you laugh out loud about this character? He has red-colored hair and buck teeth. In the show, he wears green-colored glasses. Moving ahead with his character, he is afraid of many little things, such as adventures, clowns, and a scary man. But his love for his friends makes him brave, and he can deal with any fear with full courage to meet his friends. Not only this, he is shown as a very helpful character in the show.

2) Darla Sherman

Darla Sherman

Have you ever watched the Finding Nemo show in your childhood? If yes, then you know about Darla Sherman, right?  Well, she is an 8-year-old character who wears braces and is the niece of Philip Sherman in the cartoon show. By looks, she is so pretty and childish. If we talk about her character, then let’s tell you that she becomes overexcited over little achievements, for instance, getting a pet fish in the show.

3) Sid Phillips

Sid Phillips

Sid Phillips is the main opposition character in the Toy Story. As the name suggests, this character usually steals the toys of his younger sister in the movie. This cartoon character with braces understands the importance of toys in his life and treats them as if they were alive. If we talk about this character’s feelings, he never hurt Toy’s feelings. His innocence makes him the favorite character in the movie, who collects garbage for a living.

4) Jimmy


Jimmy is an untrustworthy and guilt-free child who always cries in the cartoon show. He is Sarah’s closest companion in the show. Talking about his nature, he is extremely clumsy and frequently wears glasses and braces. He is also popular as the most vulnerable youngster in the cul-de-sac. Though he is a soft character in the program, he sincerely acts as a solid character to demonstrate his desire for distinction and reputation. When someone tries to separate him from Sarah, he proves how deeply attached they are. He wears braces around his face to protect and repair his teeth, which were deformed after one of Eddy’s stunts.

5) Tootie


A girl character from the Fairly OddParents show. She is the younger sister of Vicky. She wears round glasses and braces on her teeth. Her hair color is black, and she has dark eyes. Talking about her nature, she has a keen interest in Timmy and is normally seen as irritating him throughout the movie. However, she always annoys him, but she always stands with him in various situations when others do not.

Wrapping Up

To wrap it up, this post was all about some favorite cartoon characters with braces. We hope that after reading this, you got back into those fabulous days of your childhood.


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