The Best Value Royal Enfield Classic 350, Bike Price

The Best Value Royal Enfield Classic 350, Bike Price

At the mention of Hero ‘Xtreme’, the first thought that comes to mind is that of the launch of this brand in 2006. Since the company itself was a new entrant into the motorbike segment, the earlier models fell short of expectations in terms of looks as well as performance. To its credit, the company continued to introduce updated versions, with each successive model improving upon its predecessor. As a result, the latest offering of the brand, namely the Hero Xtreme 160R, which was introduced in 2020, seems to have struck the right balance between quality and price.

While it is common for Indian bike manufacturers to start at 100-110 cc, seldom does anyone venture beyond 150 cc. The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is one of the few exceptions, as is the Xtreme 160R. In addition to the higher bike price, the main challenge lies in maintaining a streamlined and sleek exterior. Hero, as a brand, has done a credible job of ensuring that not only does the bike look compact, but also appears relatively unintimidating for its high engine capacity.

Apart from its impressive outward contours, other features that enable the Hero Xtreme to strike the right balance between quality and price are –

Futuristic vibe

Look at the Xtreme model from the front, and it would seem like a vehicle that would fit well into a sci-fi movie set. Take in the V-shaped LED set-up and the fuel-tank extensions which protrude like muscles, and the first impression is that of a bulky robot.

Fuel efficiency

When filled to capacity, the tank can hold 12 litres of fuel, and despite the traffic snarls, it provides a mileage of 46 kmph. Navigating through the traffic might prove to be a challenge, but is relatively easier with this model owing to its ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 kmph within 5 seconds.

Rider friendly

For a vehicle that weighs more than 138 kgs, the Hero Xtreme is surprisingly light, and hence easy to handle. With the clutch being light and the 5-speed gearbox being smooth, the rider could not ask for a friendlier vehicle. Also adding to the driving comfort is the BS6 compliant and air-cooled 160 cc engine which delivers a power-packed performance.

Whether you might be cruising through the countryside or manoeuvring the congested streets, the smooth operations eliminate the need to worry about changing gears and speed, and instead allow you to focus on the ride.

Ergonomic seating

Provision of a soft single-seat saddle implies that you can sink in and rest your feet on the set of foot-pegs. However, with the size leaning towards the smaller side, there may not be much space left for the pillion. While the driver can look forward to being comfortably seated, the pillion might have to squeeze into the tiny remaining rear end of the seat to experience the goodness of the bike.

Safe driving

One of the decisive factors while riding a bike pertains to safety, particularly during wet weather and challenging traffic conditions. Regardless of whether it is the Royal Enfield Classic 350 or any other brand, skidding on wet roads and coming to a sudden halt are very real issues.

Through the Xtreme model, Hero as a brand has tried to create a safety net for riders by providing 17-inch wheels that have a decent grip even during high speed. Having the 100/80 section tyre in front, and 130/70 section tyre in the rear, chances of skidding on a wet surface are sufficiently minimized.

Likewise, provision of disc brakes at both the front and rear ends ensures that you can come to a sudden stop no matter how fast/slow your speed might be. By incorporating the dependable single-channel ABS, the company has created a further safety net for the rider.

Final thoughts

Priced at around Rs 1 lac, the Hero Xtreme proves to be good value for money in terms of providing exemplary driving comfort without compromising on the performance. Considering that bike riders often encounter large potholes and unsafe roads, riding a bike which is not as heavy as the Royal Enfield Classic 350 but is bulky enough to remain stable does negate safety concerns. The competitive bike price of the Hero Xtreme further enhances its appeal among budget-conscious riders.

One of the leading reasons for chaos on Indian roads is attributed to ignorant and rash drivers who tend to put themselves and drivers around them at risk. This is where the effective suspension and effective brakes protect the driver against unwanted hazards.

Last but not the least, riding the Hero Xtreme renders you the envy of every bike lover on the road, even though you may not have spent a fortune.


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