How to Book Spirit Airlines Reservation Ticket

How to Book Spirit Airlines Reservation Ticket

Passengers can book their Spirit Tickets in just a couple of minutes. This process of booking a Spirit Airlines ticket is simple and convenient that anyone can do it on fingertips. Passengers can book their Spirit Flight ticket using the mobile application, portal or take assistance from the customer care. Counter ticket booking facility is also available for the passengers who want to book their tickets. Check more details here about booking Spirit Reservation Tickets.

How to Book Spirit Flight Tickets Online

Consider the below mentioned steps for Spirit Flight ticket booking online-

  • Install the Spirit official app or official website which is, use it, and log in.
    Navigate to the booking section and then select your journey plan and enter the location information.
  • Complete the form by filling your personal details including the name, trip details, departure date, number of passengers etc. Make sure that all information is correct with spellings and belongs to you. DOB and name should be as mentioned on the ID and documents.
  • Crosscheck the information entered by you on the Spirit Screen.
  • Proceed with payment and download your Spirit Ticket.
  • Since your ticket contains accurate and crucial travel information, please keep it secure and also if you want to add more facilities like seat, meals in your ticket you can do it.

Book Spirit Ticket Offline

In case you don’t want to book your Spirit ticket offline, you need to visit the Spirit Counter at your nearby Airport. Find the spirit representative and tell them the information about your trip like destination, source airport and date of departure. They will book a ticket for you after collecting your preference and details. Make the payment and collect your ticket from the counter for your next Spirit Journey. Spirit Airlines, while not boasting a conventional first-class cabin, addresses the comfort needs of its passengers with an alternative option. Despite the absence of a designated luxury section, the airline provides a solution in the form of larger seats.

What else can you add in your ticket

Spirit Passengers can add baggage allowance, seats, meals and other facilities in their tickets. Seat selection is optional and paid for the Spirit ticket holders. It reflects a commitment to providing value and convenience to its passengers, even in the absence of traditional first-class amenities. By offering larger seats as an alternative, When choosing a seat on Spirit, you primarily have three choices:

Pay for individual seat selections at the time of booking or at any point before check-in.

Purchase a package that includes priority boarding, luggage handling, and seat selection.

If you opt to ignore seat preference and pay nothing, the airline will randomly assign you a seat when you check in. This means that you will not be able to choose your seat in advance, and your seat assignment will be determined by the airline’s system based on availability at the time of check-in. This option can be convenient for travelers who are flexible with their seating arrangements and are looking to avoid additional fees associated with selecting a specific seat. However, it also means that you may end up with a less desirable seat, such as a middle seat or one located at the back of the plane. If you are traveling with others and wish to sit together, this option may not be ideal as there is no guarantee that you will be seated next to each other.

Type of available seats in Spirit

Passengers will have these three choices for selecting the seats. They can select seats at the time of booking their tickets or after booking the tickets.

Standard seats have the majority in the aircraft and if you don’t select any seat you will get a random auto assigned Standard Seat. Standard seats are available for purchase individually or as part of a package, which we’ll go over shortly.

Exit Row seats, coveted for their generous legroom, represent a premium offering on flights. However, occupying these seats entails a significant responsibility: passengers must be willing and capable of assisting in the event of an emergency. This requirement is in place to ensure the safety and well-being of all travelers aboard the aircraft.

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