The Importance of Travel Insurance for International Students

The Importance of Travel Insurance for International Students

The modern-day scenario of studies has changed. Parents are now sending their children abroad for higher studies. However, parents should always consider the safety & security of their children while they embark on one of the most important journeys of their life.

A smart travel insurance policy is quintessential during their stay abroad. This article talks about the tips and factors to be considered for buying travel insurance for international students.

Types of travel insurance for international students

In this section, we will cover the type and importance of travel insurance for international students:

Medical Coverage

Health insurance should be the priority for international students as it covers medical expenses during their studies abroad. Medical coverage basically includes doctor consultations, hospitalization, prescribed medications, and even dental care. Having medical coverage is essential for international students; it ensures quality healthcare and reduces the financial burden on international students.

Although international students are far away from home and may be unfamiliar with the local healthcare system, medical coverage provides peace of mind. It ensures the right medical care without incurring extra costs.

Trip Cancellation/Interruption Coverage

Trip cancellation coverage safeguards students’ travel investments and covers non-refundable costs in unexpected situations of trip cancellation or interruption. It covers all the expenses, such as flights, accommodation, and program fees. The other covered costs are family scenarios, diseases, and political turmoil in the destination.

International students may find an urgency to return home or reschedule their travel plans, especially the ones with extended academic programs. Trip cancellation/interruption coverage provides financial protection and ensures that significant prepaid expenses are not wasted.

Personal Belongings Coverage

This coverage protects student’s personal & valuable belongings, such as laptops, smartphones, and other items like theft, damage, or loss during their journey. Sometimes, the best travel insurance in India also covers expenses related to the replacement of lost or stolen documents like passports and visas.

Students studying abroad often carry expensive electronic devices and important documents. This coverage allows them to travel stress-free.

Emergency Evacuation Insurance

This coverage covers emergency medical evacuations that ensure students can be evacuated to the nearest medical facility in times of severe illness or injury. When you buy travel insurance online, you should ask the insurer to include repatriation coverage, as this covers returning students to their home country for further treatment.

Whenever local medical facilities cannot provide the required treatment, emergency evacuation coverage ensures that students receive medical attention, which minimizes health risks and provides peace of mind.

Travel Assistance Services

Travel assistance services are frequently included with insurance policies and offer 24-hour support for a wide range of travel-related challenges. The insurer offers travel assistance services for struggles like language translation, lost document replacement, emergency cash transfers, legal support, and advice for unexpected situations.

When students struggle with language obstacles, paperwork issues, or other unexpected challenges, travel assistance services can be quite helpful. They serve as a solid safety net for pupils who are navigating unfamiliar locations and institutions.

Benefits of International Student’s Travel Insurance

As the name suggests, student travel insurance is designed to cover the unique needs of students studying abroad. Here are some major differences:

Longer Coverage Period

International student travel insurance is especially designed to cover the extended duration of academic programs, and it often covers an entire semester or year. While on the other hand, ordinary travel insurance is typically designed for business/leisure trips.

Academic-Related Coverage

Some of the best travel insurance in India also covers tuition fees, academic interruptions, and study materials to ensure that students can continue their studies during any unexpected situations.

Mental Health Support

Some international student insurance covers mental health support. The reason behind this is that students face infinite emotional challenges when studying abroad, and they need proper emotional and mental care during their academic years.

Age and Dependency

Student insurance may cover dependents like spouses and children that accommodate family needs, but normal travel insurance doesn’t include such provisions.

Comprehensive Healthcare

International student insurance obviously offers more comprehensive healthcare coverage to students studying abroad. It covers all the academic years, medical coverage, trip cancellation/interruption coverage, etc., at no extra cost.


Instead of normal travel insurance, one should go for Student travel insurance. This covers the entire trip and also assists during any tough times in the student’s journey. Although you may find a lot of student travel policies around you, you must check and buy travel insurance online, as it allows you to choose from a variety of options and get the best deal within your budget.

Student’s travel insurance is not an unnecessary cost as they deserve to be protected during their foreign study trip.


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