Products You Can Use Paper Tubes to Package

Products You Can Use Paper Tubes to Package

Paper tubes can package various products, including cosmetics, ceramics, dry ingredients, food, artwork, specialty objects, and more. You can find lightweight and sturdy paper tubes that preserve the shipment. Industrial paper tube manufacturers can also provide custom packaging products. Here’s an overview of eight products you can use paper tubes for packaging:


You can use industrial paper tube packaging for cosmetics like makeup, perfumes, fragrances, oils, serums, creams, and more. Paper tube packages can also hold personal care items like makeup brushes. Cosmetic products that come in glass packaging require protection during shipping. Paper tube packages act as shock absorbers and keep the cosmetics safe. You can order packages in different colors and include branding information.

Food Items

Edibles and instant food products come in different packaging, including paper tubes. More outlets are moving away from tins, plastic, and metal packages for safer and more economical paper tubes. Paper packages don’t react with the ingredients, so that they won’t spoil or change the flavor of the food. You can also use paper tubes to keep granulated food ingredients, including bagged coffee beans, ground tea leaves, herbs, and spices.

Arts & Paperwork

You can use paper cores and tubes to roll paper art and important documents like blueprints for smoother shipping. Artwork can be expensive and needs protection from tears, creases, and water. Paper tubes can protect your art prints, posters, and paperwork from transportation damage. While there are other ways to ship your art prints, sending them in a paper tube can help prevent water or other damage to the print.

Ceramics & Figurines

Many small ceramics and figurines can fit into paper tube packaging. You can use paper tubes to package ceramic cups, drinkware, vases, and decorations. Paper tubes protect fragile products from bumping into each other and breaking. The tubes also absorb shock and nullify transportation damages. You can add eco-friendly void fills to keep the ceramics and figurines from shifting. Consider branding and adding information to the packaging for enhanced care.

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Paper tubes provide efficient packaging solutions for chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, and active pharmaceutical ingredients. The tubes can feature plastic bag lining inside to protect the paper construction from chemical damage. Paper tubes with oil-resistant liners can also package and dispense lubricating grease, adhesives, caulks, and repair compounds. They offer a more eco-friendly and economical packaging solution.

Specialty Objects

Long slender objects like fishing poles, pool cues, and telescopes can be packaged and shipped in paper tubes. Manufacturers can customize paper tubes into any size and dimension to fit the product. Paper tubes provide an excellent buffer for specialty objects and keep them from shifting, contact, weather, and other transportation issues. The tubes also accommodate internal foams and void fillers to absorb shock and restrict movement.

Yarns & Spool Items

Paper tubes are perfect yarn carriers used by fiber producers worldwide. They come in convolute and spiral wound constructions and different surface types, colors, and embossments. You can use paper tube spools and reels to wind yarns, tape labels, films, and more. The cores come in custom shapes, sizes, and strengths to support the product. You can also protect the wound item with external lamination and packaging.

Sunglasses and Accessories

Paper tubes keep accessories looking new and chic by protecting them from the elements. They can be used to package sunglasses, hair scrunchies, fashion jewelry, earphones, and other accessories. Paper tubes preserve the items without being bulky. They also fit odd-shaped accessories and can be customized for your needs. Consider adding a logo and artwork or designing a reusable paper tube package.

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Working With Industrial Paper Tube Manufacturers

Paper tubes have many applications beyond containing and packaging. They’re used in forming, construction, insulating, dampening, spacing, and winding.

Stick to experienced industrial paper tube manufacturers who can provide quality products for your application. Paper tubes are customizable, but you need reliable manufacturers who have supplied similar products before.


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