How to Buy the Best Guitars at Your Music Instrument Store

How to Buy the Best Guitars at Your Music Instrument Store (1)

When it comes to music, there’s a special kind of magic that can be conjured up through the strings of a guitar. Whether you’re a musician who has played for a long time or just starting your musical journey, finding the perfect guitar is essential to tuning into your passion. The myriad options available at a music instrument store make it easy to feel overwhelmed. Fear not, for this guide will walk you through the steps to buying the best guitar that resonates with your heart and style.

Define Your Musical Style

Before diving into the aisles of guitars, take a moment to reflect on your musical style. Are you drawn to the soulful melodies of blues, the rhythmic strumming of folk, the adrenaline-pumping riffs of rock, or the intricate fingerpicking of classical? Your musical preference will significantly influence the type of guitar you should consider. Each genre often has a preferred style of guitar – from the warm tones of a hollow-body electric for jazz to the bright sound of a steel-string acoustic for folk.

Choose Your Body Type

Guitar bodies come in a lot of shapes and sizes, each contributing to the instrument’s sound projection and comfort during play. A dreadnought acoustic guitar might be your best match if you aim for a rich and full sound. On the other hand, if you seek something more focused and balanced, an orchestra model could be ideal. Electric guitars also offer different body styles, such as the classic single-cutaway and the sleek double-cutaway, each offering tonal characteristics and playability.

Consider Tonewoods

The type of wood used in a guitar’s construction plays a crucial role in shaping its sound. Different woods impart distinct tonal qualities to the instrument. For instance, mahogany is known for its warm and resonant tones, while spruce offers a clear and dynamic sound. Rosewood is often favoured for its rich overtones. Research the tonewoods associated with your preferred genre and sound profile to make an informed decision.

Assess Playability and Comfort

Playing the guitar should be a joy, not a chore. Thus, the guitar’s playability and comfort are paramount, particularly if you’re an avid musician planning to spend long, dedicated hours strumming or intricately picking away. Multiple factors, like the guitar’s neck profile, the curvature of its fretboard radius, string action, and even the finish on the back of the neck, can profoundly influence how seamlessly and comfortably the instrument melds with your hands.

Furthermore, individual hand size and playing techniques can also vary one’s perception. Therefore, it’s always wise to pilgrimage to your local music store, immersing yourself in testing various guitars, ensuring you find one that perfectly aligns with your unique playing style and ergonomic preferences.

Set Your Budget Wisely

Passion can run deep, but it’s essential to set a budget that aligns with your financial reality. Guitars come in a wide price range, from budget-friendly options for beginners to high-end models that cater to professionals. While it’s tempting to splurge, remember that an expensive guitar doesn’t necessarily guarantee a perfect fit for you. Prioritize quality within your budget range, focusing on craftsmanship and materials.

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Buying a guitar is not just a transaction; it’s a connection between you and your musical aspirations. By defining your style, understanding body types and tonewoods, assessing playability, and setting a reasonable budget, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision at the music instrument store. Remember, the best guitar for you is the one that resonates with your soul, inspires your creativity, and brings your musical life journey. So strum those strings, and let your passion for music flourish with every chord you play.


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