How Many Lessons Are in Online Drivers Ed?

How Many Lessons Are in Online Drivers Ed?

Online drivers ed is the new way to learn how to drive and get a license. Online courses cover everything you’d find in a typical classroom at your local driving school. Students can access downloadable resources including course outlines, study material, videos, and live streams. Learn the material from the comfort of your home and schedule in-person driving sessions with your instructor.

Number of Lessons in Online Drivers Ed

Online drivers ed is designed to cover the same curriculum available to students in traditional driving schools. The only difference is you can learn from home or anywhere with an internet connection. Currently, there is no standard or mandatory number of lessons. Each driving school sets its own curriculum and number of required lessons.

Most online schools are based on the number of hours spent in class and behind the wheel, which is the same model used by many in-person schools. Courses can be tailored based on your previous driving experience, age, and location. For example, new teen drivers in Ohio need to complete at least 50 hours of driving practice, including 10 hours of nighttime driving, and 24 hours of class time. The rules for course and driving hours vary from state to state. Learners can pick the online course that best suits their individual needs.

1. Lessons in Teen Drivers Ed

If you have no background behind the wheel, consider taking the recommend full course designed for teen drivers. The full course is comprehensive and covers all the information you need to become a skilled and confident driver. You’ll learn the basic steps for starting a car, parking, turning, and eluding dangerous situations. Full courses cover traffic rules, road signs, safe and defensive driving tips, and more.

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Online lessons are flexible and customizable. Most online driving schools break their courses into chapters or modules that cover specific topics. Request the course outline to review all sections and identify topics you want to include or leave out of your course. New teen drivers often need to cover all chapters and modules before taking their driver’s license exam. If you already have some experience behind the wheel, you can choose to skip some lessons when choosing your personalized online course.

2. Lessons in Adult Drivers Ed

Adults looking for online drivers ed can also complete the curriculum designed for teens and beginners. The comprehensive course covers everything you’ll need to know about driving in your state and nationwide. You can choose from virtual automobile tours and limitless other digital resources to help you study.

Many adult learners have had some previous experience behind the wheel and are interested in obtaining a license as fast as possible. With online courses, lessons can be adjusted to your experience level and to fit into your busy schedule. Leading online driving schools allow learners to customize lessons to their various needs. Some students only need a one-hour refresher to get ready for the exam while others need more time to improve specific skills, such as defensive driving. Adult driving courses are flexible, so you can learn at your own pace.

State-approved Online Drivers Ed Near You

Choose a state-approved driving school that is authorized to offer online lessons in your area. These schools follow the best educational practices and offer state-approved online courses. With an online drivers ed course, you have access to a wealth of digital resources including eBooks, video simulations, live streams, and recorded lectures.

Take the time to find a school that works with you to reach your goals. Some programs are optimized to help you get a license fast, and others take the time to prepare each student with safe driving skills. Find an online school and lesson plan that aligns with your individual driving needs and goals.


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