What Are the Different Types of Custom Eyelash Boxes?

What Are the Different Types of Custom Eyelash Boxes?

 Custom eyelash boxes come in a variety of styles and designs to suit different preferences and branding needs. Here are some of the most common types of custom eyelash boxes. Especially, Eco-Friendly Boxes UK specializes in providing sustainable packaging solutions for businesses across the United Kingdom. Besides this, our range of eco-friendly packaging options includes custom eyelash boxes made from recycled materials, biodegradable paperboard, and compostable packaging

  1. Slide Drawer Boxes: These boxes feature a sliding drawer mechanism, making them easy to open and close. They often have a sleeve-style outer cover and a tray-like inner compartment to hold the eyelash products securely.
  2. Folding Carton Boxes: Folding carton boxes are versatile and can be customized in various shapes and sizes. Moreover, Lightweight yet sturdy paperboard forms the Folding carton boxes and machines can design different closing mechanisms. Such as tuck-end or auto-lock bottom.
  3. Clear Plastic Boxes: Clear plastic boxes provide visibility to the eyelash products inside, allowing customers to see the lashes without having to open the box. Furthermore, materials like PET or PVC make these Clear plastic boxes and printed labels or stickers can also enhance them.
  4. Holographic Boxes: Moreover, holographic boxes feature a holographic or iridescent finish that creates a captivating visual effect when viewed from different angles. They add a touch of luxury and glamour to the packaging and are sure to grab attention on store shelves.
  5. Drawer Boxes: Drawer boxes have a pull-out drawer design that offers easy access to the eyelash products. In fact, they are typically made of rigid materials like cardboard or paperboard. This can be customized with various finishes and embellishments.
  6. Round Boxes: Round boxes are cylindrical in shape and provide a unique and elegant packaging solution for eyelashes. They can be customized with custom printing, embossing, or foiling to enhance their visual appeal.
  7. Book Style Boxes: Book style boxes resemble small books and often feature a magnetic closure or ribbon tie to keep the box securely closed. Biesdes this, They offer a sophisticated and stylish packaging option for eyelash products.
  8. Custom Shapes: In addition to standard box shapes, custom eyelash boxes can be designed in unique shapes to reflect the brand’s identity or match the theme of the eyelash products. Furthermore, from heart-shaped boxes to flower-shaped boxes, the possibilities are endless.
  9. Custom Inserts: Custom inserts can be added to the boxes to hold the eyelash products in place and prevent them from moving around during transit. Inserts comprise foam, cardboard, or molded plastic, and can fit the specific dimensions of the eyelash products.
  10. Eco-Friendly Options: For brands looking to reduce their environmental footprint, eco-friendly eyelash boxes made from recycled materials or sustainable sources are available. Moreover, biodegradable or compostable materials and water-based inks for printing can customize these options.


In conclusion, the world of custom eyelash boxes offers a diverse array of options to cater to every brand’s unique needs and preferences. From sleek slide drawer boxes to eye-catching holographic designs, the choices are limitless. As a result, the selection of the right type of packaging depends on factors. Such as brand identity, target audience, and budget considerations.

Moreover, whether opting for clear plastic boxes to showcase the lashes within or choosing eco-friendly options to align with sustainable values. Brands have the opportunity to make a lasting impression on customers. By investing in well-designed custom eyelash boxes, brands can elevate the presentation of their products. This also enhances brand recognition, and create a memorable unboxing experience that resonates with customers long after the purchase.


  1. Can I customize the size and shape of my eyelash boxes?

   Yes, the team can tailor custom eyelash boxes  to your specific size. This can also shape requirements to accommodate different eyelash product dimensions and branding preferences.

  1. What materials make custom eyelash boxes?

Paperboard, cardboard, plastic, or eco-friendly options like recycled paperboard or biodegradable materials make these   Custom eyelash boxes.


  1. How can I add my brand logo and design to the eyelash boxes?

Offset printing, digital printing, foil stamping, embossing, or debossing add brand logos and designs  to custom eyelash boxes through various printing techniques such as 


  1. Are eco-friendly options available for custom eyelash boxes?

  Yes, there are eco-friendly options available for custom eyelash boxes, including boxes made from recycled materials, biodegradable materials, or sustainably sourced paperboard.


  1. Can I order custom inserts to hold my eyelash products securely in the boxes?

   Yes, one can add custom inserts to the eyelash boxes to hold the products in place and prevent them from shifting during transit. Foam, cardboard, or molded plastic are famous products that make Inserts.

Eco-Friendly Boxes UK:

 We understand the importance of reducing environmental impact while maintaining high-quality packaging standards. In fact, that’s why our eco-friendly eyelash boxes are not only sustainable but also durable and aesthetically pleasing. With options for custom printing and design, you can showcase your brand’s commitment to sustainability.  As a result, you can do this by enhancing the presentation of your eyelash products.

Moroever, at Eco-Friendly Boxes UK, we strive to offer innovative packaging solutions that align with your brand values and environmental goals. Besides this, contact us today to discuss your custom eyelash box requirements and join the movement towards a greener future.


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