How Dash Cams with Motion Detection Feature Enhance Parking Safety and Surveillance

How Dash Cams with Motion Detection Feature Enhance Parking Safety and Surveillance

Safety and security have always been important considerations throughout history, often used interchangeably. Simply put, safety refers to being free from harm, while security encompasses measures put in place to ensure safety. Basically, everything should be kept safe, from people to properties, from people to properties. One such technology gadget that has been extremely embedded with safety measures is the car.

Modern car manufacturing incorporates numerous security measures to enhance safety. There are lots of things your car can do, to ensure your safety as you use it, on the highway, and in the parking lot. However, a common security measure in cars is the dashboard camera, also known as a dash cam.


Dash Cams are a recent trend of portable video cameras. These cameras are usually mounted on the dashboard of cars, with the purpose of taking clear recordings or snapshots of a car’s surrounding environment.

Dash cams are effective security measures in cars and have been incredibly helpful since their introduction. From protecting the drivers and passengers, to securing cars from thefts, there is a wide range of safety that can be achieved through dash cams.

Types Of DashCams

There are lots of dashcams out there on the market. These dash cams are built by different companies, and each have their own distinct features that separates them from each other. However, the availability of different features in each affects their price on the market.

However, among the various features of different dash cams,  one feature that enables a dash cam to stand out is the sensor.

Simply put, sensors are electronic devices designed to detect changes in specific physical quantities.Sensors can detect various quantities, including heat, humidity, and motion.

Significant Dash Cam Sensors

Just as the sun stands out among the natural illuminating body, two sensors that will always stand out in dash cams are the parking mode sensor, and motion detection sensor.

  • Parking Mode Sensor: These sensors are designed to detect when a car’s ignition is switched off. It detects lack of motion on the car’s part, which goes to say that the moment the car does not move for some minutes, it triggers the sensor to activate, and puts the car in parking mode. These sensors are usually designed with inbuilt batteries, as this enables the dash cam to automatically switches to the battery power source, whenever the car’s engine is turned off, so as to record events, when the car is in parking mode.
  • Motion Detection Sensors: dash cam with motion sensors are sensors that react to the physical quantity, motion. The purpose of these sensors in a dash cam is to automatically start recording events whenever it senses movement (motion changes) around a car, when parked.

This is made possible with the use of  inbuilt batteries. These inbuilt batteries serve as an alternative power source to record events, even when the ignition of the car is turned off.

Dash Cams With Motion Detection Sensors And Parking Mode Sensors

Dash Cams that are embedded with motion detection and parking lot sensors have always stood out as veterans in the field of dash cams.

The motion detection feature helps to detect any motion whenever the car is put in parking mode.

One might wonder how the car knows when it is in parking mode. There are two methods the car dash cams uses to know if the car is in parking mode;

  • Once The Ignition Goes Off: The sensors are programmed such that once the ignition goes off, the car automatically switches to parking mode, drawing power from the inbuilt battery.
  • Once The Car Is Stationary: another method the dash cam switches to parking mode is when the car becomes stationary for some minutes. The moment the car becomes stationary for over five (5) minutes, the sensor automatically switches to parking mode, and the motion detection sensor comes up.

The moment the car enters parking mode, the motion detection sensor becomes triggered. Once the sensor detects any movement around it, the inbuilt and external cameras begin to record the movement.

Another impressive feature of the motion detection sensor in parking mode is its ability to connect to an alarm system that activates when any movement is detected.This feature helps prevent theft of mischievous kids from scratching your car when parked.

Advantages Of Motion Detection Sensors And Parking Mode Sensor To Security And Safety.

There are many advantages of having a dash cam with parking mode and motion detection sensor. Both sensors are applicable in many security cases.

  • Hit And Run Drivers: In cases of hit and run incidents, a dash cam equipped with parking mode and motion detection sensors will automatically record the driver’s face, aiding in later identification and potential legal action.
  • Surveillance: the dash cams with motion sensors can also be used as a surveillance system for your car surroundings. There are many instances of criminal cases that were solved just because a nearby car’s dash cam was recording the events around, unknown to the perpetrators of the crime.
  • Accidents: in situations like accidents the motion detection dash cams come in handy, as they are perfect judges that don’t take bribes.
  • Insurance: when faced with your car insurance problem, your motion detection sensor can indicate you.
  • Parental Protection: it is easy to know the speed of your kids, whenever they drive your car, with dash cam motion detection sensor.

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  • Energy Saving: with their inbuilt batteries, the dash cam doesn’t need to stop working whenever you switch off the car. Even while parked, it can carry out its recording process, by switching to battery mode.
  • Documentation Of Events: The motion detection sensor feature is also a good device for documentation of events. In case of collision or illegal touch while in parking mode, the dash cams can take snapshots, and do video recording, which the owner of the car can watch whenever he comes back.
  • Protection Against Theft: Many dash cams are programmed to activate an alarm when hit or tampered with while in parking mode. With this, theft of cars becomes difficult, and even when they happen, it is easy to track the exact location of the car.
  • Guaranteed Safety: with all these security measures of the dash cam with motion detection sensor and parking mode sensor, you can shop across the street with peace of mind, knowing full well that your car is 80% safe.

In conclusion, dash cam with parking mode and motion detection sensors are great security measures, and it ensures both parking safety, and driving safety through their round the clock surveillance.

The importance of having a dash cam with motion detection sensor and parking lot sensor in your car cannot be overemphasized, as they are one of the security measures you could take to guarantee the safety of your car, when you are away.


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