6 Things To Consider When Hiring a New Physician for Your Practice

6 Things To Consider When Hiring a New Physician for Your Practice

Hiring a new physician requires reevaluating your needs, medical philosophy, and legal requirements. Each physician occupies a unique position at your practice, so adding to the team can be overwhelming. You can work with leading physician credentialing firms if you are too busy to handle the attrition process. They know what to look for in a candidate and can find you the best fit for your practice.

Here’s an overview of six things to consider when hiring a new physician:

1. Job Requirement

The first thing to do when looking for a new physician is to outline the job requirement. Specify all requirements, including experience in a specific field or ability to speak another language. As they may assist you in your hunt, make these requirements a must-have. Discuss the skills you want in a physician and involve other employees. Focus on the qualifications, skills, experience, and background. Use employee profile templates and strategies to help you identify the ideal candidate for your opening. List down all roles you want them to fulfill.

2. Hiring Trends

Reviewing the hiring trends can help you identify, attract, and keep your ideal physician. Successful hiring teams watch the labour market and change their tactics as appropriate. Consider tech, skills, benefits, talent pools & more when hiring a physician. The benefit of a physician credentialing service is uniform data and records. They can leverage the latest technology and information to find competent physicians for your practice.

3. Selection Process

The selection process gets you the right candidate. Once you know the job requirements, you can post the position to accept applications. Create a timeline for accepting applications and review CVs. Conduct telephone interviews with the applicants you deem fit for the position. Schedule face-to-face interviews and discuss all subject matters, from job requirements to benefits.

4. Onboarding Process

The onboarding process can get new physicians up to speed with your practice and day-to-day operations. Ensure a smooth and efficient orientation process when hiring. While some doctors may need training, others may get by with some kind of advice from an experienced team member. Onboarding begins when you interview the physicians. Discuss all important topics such as equipment, communication, safety, meetings, and finances.

5. Hiring Budget

Identifying and hiring the ideal physician for your practice requires a budget. You need an experienced hiring team to review CVs, contact references, review backgrounds, and conduct telephone interviews. The face-to-face meetings and onboarding process also need financial planning. Before hiring a new physician, set aside the budget for the process. If you don’t have an internal HR team to work out the budget, working with a credentialing firm is an excellent alternative. They’ll handle the hiring process at a pre-agreed fee.

6. Hiring Timeframe

A timeframe can help you hire the right physician when you want them. If you want someone urgently, you must expedite everything to meet the early deadline. Even if you have extra time to hire, a deadline is necessary. You can plan the hiring to coincide with fresh graduates if that’s the talent pool you’re looking for. Determine the timeframe for taking applications, reviewing CVs and backgrounds, conducting interviews, and onboarding new physicians. Set reminders and organize finances to be available for the hiring team when needed.

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Using Physician Credentialing Services

Working with physician credentialing companies is one of the best solutions for hiring a new doctor for your practice. Choose companies specializing in credentialing healthcare providers and administrators. They have the workforce, technology, resources, and experience required to find qualified physicians. Once they know your needs, they can handle the credentialing process to help you hire the right physician for your practice.


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